Serving diverse populations

Cultural competency resources

Patient panels are growing more diverse and needs are becoming more complex. It is important for providers to have the knowledge, resources, and tools to offer culturally competent care. Wellpoint Iowa, Inc. wants to help by offering the following comprehensive trainings and resources as we all work together to achieve health equity.


Tools to help achieve health equity

Caring for Diverse Populations toolkit

A comprehensive resource to help providers and office staff increase effective communication by enhancing knowledge of the values, beliefs, and needs of diverse patients.

Interpreter services

Engaging a qualified interpreter improves effective communication between the provider and the member. Our interpreter services guide outlines the free interpreter services available to providers and staff through Wellpoint, as well as practical tips for communicating with both interpreters and patients who speak limited English.

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Individualized care every patient deserves

My Diverse Patients

The My Diverse Patients website offers learning experiences, techniques, and helps you to provide the individualized care every patient deserves, regardless of their diverse backgrounds.

My Diverse Patients

Cultural competency and patient engagement

A training resource to increase cultural and disability competency to help effectively support the health and healthcare needs of your diverse patients.

Social drivers of health (SDOH): Five-part training series

The Health Equity Population Health Council at Wellpoint Iowa, Inc. has introduced a five-part training series on the social drivers of health (SDOH) for our in-network providers. This training is important in providing whole person care as well as assessing and meeting the social health needs of our members.

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Improving the patient experience

A series of online courses for providers and office staff that conveys practical strategies for implementing patient care and applying best practices.


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